The adoptee program is one of the most unique features that is characteristic to the heart of our company! You can live, move, sell, build, and recruit anywhere in the US.
Everyone in Mary Kay Cosmetics at some point will benefit from the Adoptee Program.

"Our adoptee system is the most unique in the direct sale world and it's this system that has made it possible for us to operate without territories. You can go anywhere, anytime, and maintain your recruits and your keep what you build. Our adoptee system is one of our most precious possessions, so keep it with all your heart. Through this system there is no limit to the growth of a unit."
- Mary Kay Ash

Suggestion on how to be a good Adoptee:

1. Turn in your restoration form.
2. Consider the benefits of attending weekly success meetings, and other events with the Locke It Down Area.
3. Be on time to weekly success meetings and sponsored events.

4. Volunteer to help at weekly success meetings.
5. Always seek advice from your Sales Director, then go to your Adoptee Director.
6. Submit Weekly Accomplishments to your Adoptive Director and Commissioned Sales Director.
7. Email your Adoptive Director when you have moved up the career path so she can recognize your at the weekly success meetings (Remember: She has no reports on you, so your must notify her)

What to Expect from your Adoptive Director:
1. Provides Education Opportunities at weekly success meetings and Workshops.
2. Presents the Marketing Plan at events where guests are present.
3. Provides you with recognition as you move up the career path.

What to Expect from your Commissioned Sales Director:
1. To be your business mentor.
2. Follow-ups with your guests.
3. Discusses inventory with you and your team members.
4. Sends a monthly newsletter.
5. Includes you in any unit promotions.
6. Helps with team-building appointments.
7. Answers any questions and concerns you may have.

Important Success Night Information:

Pink Spotlight LLC
1540 Westbrook Plaza Dr Ste A
Winston Salem, NC 27103
  Studio Pink
2311 W Cone Blvd Suite 223
Greensboro, NC 27408
Monday Nights & Saturday
$5 for consultants
  Tuesday Nights & Saturday
$5 for consultants

*Meetings start promptly at 6:30pm weeknight. Saturdays at 11am

*Consultants need to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to meeting start time to set up guest's trays.